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Who we are

Each of our faculty team member, has expertise with proven years of experience in high quality clinical services & as well as trainers, educators in their field. Our team has right mix of professionals, with each member complimenting each other's credentials and domain of Knowledge.

Foremost, each of our experts are passionate about teaching and imparting training, with an effective and systematic methodology, resulting into high impact. Among the faculty team, we have years of international experience in providing consultancy for effective management of pre hospital care, Trauma care and Emergency care systems by upgrading technology, implementing management capabilities and up-skilling of healthcare Professionals.

Our Leading experts are as follows

Dr. Amit Rana
  • Founder & Executive Director
  • Assoc.Prof (Visiting) Trauma & Emergency program
  • MBBS (Gold Medal & Honors), M.S (Surgery)
  • Fellowship in Trauma & Neuro Surgical Critical Care (Canada)
  • Fellowship in Vascular Surgery – Trauma (Austria)
  • Fellowship in Trauma Surgery (Australia)
  • Pre hospital Trauma Care (Australia)
  • Disaster Management Emergotrain
Dr. Amit Rana is super specialist Trauma Surgeon with formal training and expertise in poly trauma including neuro, vascular & torso. Over the past 18 years he has gained additional specialised training in Surgical Critical Care, Pre hospital Care & Disaster Management from leading academic trauma systems in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. He also has extensive experience in surgical wound care management. In addition to his busy clinical career, he has been an active speaker, faculty member and chairperson at various International conferences where he delivered a variety of research papers and presentations. Dr Rana is well known at leading trauma institutes and organisations throughout India and has taught, trained and formally evaluated doctors, nurses and paramedics in various universities around the world. He has also played a pivotal role as Director, Chief and visiting Professor in establishing pre hospital care and trauma programs for Indian and International organisations. He has been advising various healthcare organisation on strategies & hospital project planning. His areas of expertise include: pre hospital care, trauma systems, evidence based trauma surgery; neuro-trauma critical care. disaster management and medical & paramedical education and training. His passion for education and training inspired him to found AusHealth Training and his vision of improving healthcare through advanced training and innovative trauma health care delivery models will help save lives.

Mr. Paul McQuaid
  • Chief of Academics (Pre hospital Care)
  • Bachelor of Health Science BHSc.
  • Senior Clinical Training Instructor
  • NREMT-P - National Registry of EMT – USA & Ireland
  • ICP Intensive Care Paramedic
  • SCAT Special Casualty Access Team
  • USAR Urban Search & Rescue Paramedic
  • Swift Water Rescue Technician
Mr. Paul McQuaid has a number of years experience in clinical practice, instructing, teaching and training various levels of paramedics and pre hospital care professionals in Australia, USA and Europe. He has worked as a Paramedic in Ireland and Fiji, a Critical Care Transport Paramedic in the USA and an Intensive Care Paramedic in Sydney, Australia. He has considerable experience in the planning, delivery and evaluation of educational and competency based training programs for paramedics and operational staff that is consistent with evidence based practice and international competency standards. In addition to implementing various customised training programs, he has been instructing ALS, ACLS, PALS and BLS at various medical teaching facilities in Australia, USA and Ireland for the past 15 years. Paul is known for facilitating high fidelity clinical education and training in any environment. His teaching and communication skills, engages the group dynamic and provides participants with a challenging and rewarding learning experience. Paul has also undertaken specialised training in Urban Search and Rescue, Swift Water Rescue Technician, Specialised Casualty Access and Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear specialist training from leading institutes in the USA & Australia. Paul has also delivered various presentations to state, national and international audiences.

Dr. Harvey Hawes
  • MSc, M.D., FRCSC (Canada)
  • A Professor, Trauma center, University of Texas, Houston, USA.
Dr. Harvey Hawes is a trained trauma surgeon. He completed his trauma surgery training in Houston, USA under Dr. John Holcomb where he studied the advanced management of injuries, Damage Control Resuscitation and implementing effective trauma systems.

Dr. Hawes has a strong interest in global health and humanitarian surgery. He spends much of his time developing trauma systems in partnership with governments and hospitals, and teaching surgery to registrars and residents around the world. He is a new Field Surgeon with Médecins Sans Frontières (Canada), and is currently working with the non-profit organization, Innovative Canadians for Change. His current project is in collaboration with the Trauma Association of Kenya, and the Kenya Red Cross Society, and focuses on designing and implementing a robust trauma system across East Africa. He brings extensive experience and knowledge in Trauma system establishment, Disaster management, and training of healthcare professionals in acute care and Trauma care.

Mr. Anthony Cook
  • Bachelors & Masters in Critical Care (Emergency & Trauma) Sydney)
  • Certified Medical, Nursing & Paramedic, Trainer & Educator
  • Air Retrievalist & Educator
Anthony has 15 years Emergency, Intensive Care and Advanced Trauma Nursing experience. He has been the Area Trauma Clinical Coordinator Consultant for Southern Sydney for 10 years and is considered a Senior Member of the Trauma Community in NSW. Anthony is an integral part of the trauma team and undertakes numerous trauma resuscitations at a Level 1 Public Hospital Trauma Centre in Sydney. He has also been undertaking complex international air retrievals working independently and as part of a small team of retrieval specialists. He lectures at the University of Wollongong and College of Emergency Nursing, Australia and has spoken at numerous local, state and national conferences. Anthony has been on a variety of esteemed advisory groups and governing bodies responsible for the implementation of both trauma care and ambulance care in Australia. He was the Chairperson of the NSW Trauma Consortium for three years and is currently the Deputy Chairperson.

Anthony’s area of expertise is Trauma Retrieval, Trauma Nursing, Critical Care & Emergency Nursing where he is well versed in the implementation, management, coordination and evaluation of various trauma systems. He brings extensive experience as an educator with a passion for conducting & evaluating courses for Paramedics, Nurses & Acute Care Doctors throughout Australia

Dr. Thomas Nau
  • MD, Specialist Ortho Trauma
  • Assoc. Prof. of Traumatology
  • Ortho Trauma Surgeon (Vienna
Associate Prof. Dr. Thomas Nau is an acclaimed ortho Trauma surgeon based in Vienna, Austria. Most recently he served as director of trauma at a University Trauma Center in Sydney, Australia. As orthopedic trauma surgeon, he specializes in knee and sports injuries and is also very active as a clinical scientist in this field. 
In addition to his specialist traumatology training at the Vienna General Hospital, he has completed several postgraduate fellowships at the University of Montreal, Canada. He has a keen interest in establishing robust Trauma systems and management mechanisms that include scoring systems evaluation for the states and provinces. He has extensive experience in teaching & conducting symposium for doctors, nursing and paramedic staff across various universities.

Dr. Nau has published numerous research articles in highly respected international journals & delivered various talks at International Conferences. He brings unique and specialized knowledge with global experience in the establishment of Clinical and Ortho Traumatology and Trauma system to our organization.

Ms. Alana Clement
  • Masters in Emergency Nursing & Trauma Care
  • Trained in Disaster Preparedness & Management (Australia)
  • Major Incident Medical Management Support (MIMMS) Team Commander
  • Managing an Evacuation Course, NSW Ministry for Police & Emergency Services
  • Emergency Management Arrangements Course, NSW Ministry for Police & Emergency Services
  • Mission Craft in Disaster Relief Operations, Monash University
Alana is a Senior Disaster Management & Emergency Clinical Nurse practitioner based in Sydney. She has extensive experience in Emergency nursing & Trauma care and is the Disaster Clinical Nurse Consultant for South Eastern Sydney Local Health District. She has instructor credentials in Incident management, EmergoTrain (disaster management) Instructor and is an EMST coordinator. She has been an active faculty member and team leader providing training to paramedics, senior nurses and medics, in disaster management, pre hospital care, ALS, BLS, Emergency & Trauma care.

Dr. M.Krishna
  • MBBS, MD
  • FACEM - Emergency Medicine(Australia)
Dr. Krishna is a qualified specialist in Emergency Medicine, currently practicing in Australia. He has extensive experience in Pre-hospital retrieval and inter-hospital transfer of patients utilizing Intensive Care ambulances and fixed wing aircraft. He has also trained in Disaster management and is actively involved in the hands on training of paramedics, nursing and medical professionals in Pre hospital and Emergency Care. He brings passion and experience from his area of expertise to compliment our evidence based training programs.

Dr. Stuart Tan
  • MBBS, CAT, Sports Med DMH
  • FRACGP, FAFRM (RACP)(Australia)
Dr. Stuart Tan is a Consultant Physician in Trauma and Rehabilitation Medicine based in New South Wales. He is currently the Director of HNE Polytrauma Rehabilitation Service, an innovative service catering for the needs of patients with severe polytrauma. Dr Tan was a former Director of Trauma at Royal North Shore Hospital, a Level 1 Trauma Centre in Sydney and was responsible for the establishment of the inaugural Trauma Ward. Dr Tan has a special interest in musculoskeletal trauma and has been the Honorary Secretary of the Musculoskeletal, Pain & Occupational Medicine Special Interest Group of Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. He is a strong advocate of early rehabilitation input for severe trauma patients to maximise recovery and has a particular research interest on trauma outcome