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Our Services

We are a group of Healthcare professionals who are passionate about education. Our Doctors, specialists, nurses and paramedics are subject matter experts with operational experience in Europe, USA, Australia and India.

We deliver internationally accepted best practice education and training in the areas of Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Disaster Medicine and Disaster Management, Retrieval, Rescue and Emergency Medicine.Our courses are specifically tailored to suite the unique educational and training needs of our clients

Our Goal is to save lives by providing education, training and consultancy services that enable our clients to deliver internationally accepted best practice models of care to global population

Curriculum involves uniquely Indian pre hospital emergencies such as organophosphate poisoning, snake bites, obstetrical and trauma emergencies. Advanced Life Support training in adult and paediatric emergencies and Advanced Trauma training that is inline with internationally accepted standards

1. Establishing Advanced Pre hospital Care system & Training Program

  • International protocols & training modules
  • Customized Hands on Training of paramedics
  • Implementing management policies & systems
  • Consultancy to enhance operational capabilities
  • Support to upgrade technical capacity
  • Develop leadership & trainers within the organization

2. Consultancy services to assist with establishing and improving Trauma systems in the state / country

Implementing proven policies & processes across the state and country for improved trauma outcomes. Customized cost effective solutions to reduce post injury morbidity, mortality and disability.

3. Consultancy to improve designing, layout & patient flow in Trauma Centre.

Appropriate technology selection and policy implementation in Trauma Centre and Emergency centres based on International guidelines.

4. Air Retrieval & Air Ambulance Training

We provide education and training in all aspects of Air Retrieval and Rescue services, including fixed wing and rotary wing.

5.Training to Improve, Upgrade & optimise Pre Hospital & in Hospital Trauma Care.

We have International expertise in evidence based trauma care that allows paramedics; nurses, surgeons & physicians to provide world class treatment interventions from the roadside to rehab

6.Disaster Management Training and system implementation

Our team members have proven credentials to improve disaster preparedness and outcome by methodical training & group exercise