Pre Hospital Care
Comprehensive Trauma Care
Air Retrieval
Disaster Management


  • Advance Trauma Care (Road to Rehab)
  • Specialized Pre hospital Care
  • Air Retrieval Services
  • Emergency & Acute Care
  • Disaster Management
  • Simulation in Medical Training

What makes us different?

  • Experienced International Experts
  • Well balanced team of Clinicians & Instructors
  • Proven credentials from Australian, European and American systems
  • Methodical customised solution & modules

Key Services

  • Consultancy to establish a Trauma System
  • Upgrading & Upskilling of Pre Hospital Care system
  • Clinical Services & Training in Comprehensive Trauma Care
  • Training in Air Retrieval
  • Disaster preparedness & Management

About Us

Our Mission to implement International standards
  • To save lives by up-skilling & training healthcare providers
  • Train to reduce morbidity & disability
  • Improve & establish International Management systems & processes
  • Better outcome with appropriate technology upgrade & enhanced operational capabilities

Our Global Reach

  • Our experts have operated in various countries across the globe such as Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, Ireland, Pacific Islands etc. Apart from training doctors, nurses, paramedics, our faculty have trained international Defence forces, Disaster relief organisations as well.